Top Programming Languages for AI Engineers in 2021 by Claire D Costa

And I guess you are a little bit confused because of the extremely wide range of software development tools, frameworks, and languages. First of all, Lisp is one of the first programming languages and can be considered the pioneer of AI. Nowadays, Lisp is not the most common language for AI programming though it has enough followers. Application security should be baked into your development process from the get-go.

Best Programming Languages to Choose for AI

For the more advanced aspects of Python, it might take up to six months. A person who is already familiar with programming concepts can learn Python in less time. YouTube is great for learning the fundamentals of artificial intelligence because it contains videos and other visual aids that make it easy to follow, all for free. Some great YouTube channels for learning AI are Henry AI Labs, 3Blue1Brown, and Simons Institute.

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Developed in 1958, Lisp is named after ‘List Processing,’ one of its first applications. By 1962, Lisp had progressed to the point where it could address artificial intelligence challenges. Starting with Python is easy because codes are more legible, concise, and straightforward. Python also has a large supportive community, with many users, collaborators and fans.

Is C++ good for AI?

Yes, C++ is good for artificial intelligence. C++ is a flexible programming language based on object oriented principles, meaning it can be used for AI. The syntax of the programming language is not easy to understand, however, making it hard to learn, especially for beginners.

As a Kotlin developer, you can earn an average salary of $136,000 a year, and can go up to $171,500, according to ziprecruiter. To gain an in-depth understanding about Kotlin, take up free kotlin courses and enhance your knowledge about the same. You can find it in huge banks and corporations software, especially in the USA and Eastern Europe. C++ will be good in high-load services, where you need to process a lot of data, images, and videos very fast. You can find C++ inside stock exchange AI software and financial or bank services.

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You can find similar questions all over the internet, and it’s not surprising. If your project is based on machine learning, this language is surely a great option. Artificial intelligence is a game-changing technology for the market. It is a promising solution that aims to boost revenues, improve user interaction, and bring lots of other benefits. If you are interested in creating apps and software using AI, be ready for numerous challenges and opportunities. And the first one is to pick one of the numerous programming languages for AI.

The greater simplicity of recursive problem solving allows Prolog users to create more compact, comprehensible programs even when faced with complex AI problems. A wide array of AI problems are also inherently recursive, which makes Prolog a natural choice for artificial intelligence programming. This declarative, logical programming language was developed for natural language processing. In fact, IBM’s Watson uses Prolog to parse natural language when fielding human-generated questions.

Which Programming Language Should I Learn First for Artificial Intelligence?

If your project requires modification of code, problem-solving, rapid prototyping, or dynamic development, Lisp is for you. Java’s Virtual Machine Technology helps the developers build a single version of an app that they can run on other Java-based platforms. Developers can also work on the graphics and interfaces, making them more appealing with the Standard Widget Toolkit. In all, Java helps you maintain, port, and make AI applications secure. If you’re working with AI that involves analyzing and representing data, R is your go-to programming language.

  • The term “artificial intelligence” was first coined in 1956 by computer scientist John McCarthy, when the field of artificial intelligence research was founded as an academic discipline.
  • Over time, many of Lisp’s distinct features have been folded into other popular AI programming languages like Python.
  • Though Android developers have the option to work with Kotlin as well, Java is a native language for Android app development.
  • But to employ artificial intelligence in your company’s systems and services, you’re going to need software engineers who are up to the task.
  • The Java community is rich and active, allowing developers to learn from each other and think up new AI solutions faster.
  • AI engineers use JavaScript to integrate AI software into the World Wide Web.

While this process works, it also produces a push and pull between the two concepts. Beyond this, many programming languages have decades of design and building behind them. This can be beneficial in some ways, but it can also lead to messy issues over time.

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As with everything in IT, there’s no magic bullet or one-size-fits-all solution. COBOL is an old language that was created in the 1950s and 1960s. It was designed for business applications and isn’t really suited for anything else. C++ has also been found useful in widespread Best Programming Languages to Choose for AI domains such as computer graphics, image processing, and scientific computing. Similarly, C# has been used to develop 3D and 2D games, as well as industrial applications. Here are the most popular languages used in AI development, along with their key features.

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ITPro Today’s 2022 Guide to Modern Programming Languages.

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