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Payroll services typically require a base cost of $20 to $100 per month plus an additional cost per employee or independent contractor that ranges from $4 to $10. Wave Payroll is our best option for pricing because it charges a flat rate, instead of offering pricing tiers based on features. Wave also offers free accounting and invoicing software you can combine with Payroll, making it even more of an affordable option.

Paychex Flex Select is most popular for businesses with less than 49 employees. It includes all the features in Paychex Go, plus a dedicated payroll specialist and other tools. Again, Patriot Payroll ranks among the most affordable small business payroll providers, though this may also make them less valuable for companies that grow to over 100 employees.


Justworks is a professional employer organization that appeals to remote teams. The company engages yours in a co-employment relationship—i.e., it’s an employer of record for your employees—so it can handle HR and payroll on your behalf. Gusto is made for startups and growing small businesses with a mix of employee- and contractor-based workforces. An example of payroll tax is the Federal Insurance Contributions Act tax. This is a mandatory payroll deduction that employers pay to the IRS to cover Social Security retirement benefits and Medicare for employees. After you’ve weighed the pros and cons of each provider, you can identify your top options and begin the sign-up process with your most preferred vendor.

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about HR and online payroll solutions. There’s an applicant tracking system that speeds up the hiring process, and performance management features to improve your company culture. In this article, we’ve hand-picked some of the best HR payroll software you can use for your small business including remote teams. The Skylight ONE Prepaid Mastercard is issued by Republic Bank & Trust Company pursuant to a license by Mastercard International Incorporated.

What Is Payroll?

Perhaps the biggest benefit of Dayforce is that it is a scalable platform with numerous opportunities for customization. Other user reviews suggest that implementation is difficult and requires a lot of hand-holding. This also means that when knowledgeable administrators leave, the platform is difficult for others to use. The complete payroll package starts at $39 per month, plus $12 per employee per month.


Payroll websites are just as reliable because expert payroll teams work with the most current payroll data to ensure that you’re always in compliance. They do all of the calculations required, and most are responsible for submitting your payroll taxes and filings. If you offer additional payroll types like paid time off and sick pay, you can usually define your policies for accruing these benefits; the services then keep track of them for you. Bonuses and commissions can also be paid during a regular pay run, or you can issue them by creating an off-cycle payroll.

Business stage

Patriot Online Payroll Services For Small Businesses 2021 offers easy, intuitive navigation, and the cost includes complete program setup. The application also includes an excellent accrual rule option, for easy tracking of employee PTO. OnPay offers a single plan, with pricing for the plan currently running $36/month, plus a $4 per employee fee. All features, including HR and complete support options, are included in the price. Still not sure what payroll service provider is best for your business?

  • Each business must classify its workers as either employees or independent contractors to file the appropriate form.
  • We reviewed eight of the top payroll services for small businesses so you can decide which is right for you.
  • It will automatically calculate and file local taxes, state taxes, and federal taxes.
  • Cloud-based payroll solutions can help you organize and automate this onerous task.
  • It’s not as automated as other solutions, but some business owners might need more control.

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